Sub Contractor

If you are a skilled subcontractor who would like to bid on projects as we have them come up, fill out the information below, and we will be in contact with you to get you on our list of subcontractors.

By becoming a subcontractor, as we get new projects, we will email you the job info, and you can reply with your bid. If needed, there will be a time where you can come to the job site to get a better idea of the project and meet with our project manager to fine-tune your bid better.

If selected, you will need to create a materials list, and we will place the order for you. For large items like lumber and drywall, we will have it delivered and moved into the basement for you. For everything else, you will be responsible for picking it.

Note: We will not purchase any tools for you; as a contractor, you are expected to have all the tools needed to do your job.

Basic Info
Company Info

Trade Info Select your trade(s)

* Electricians and plumbers must be registered with the state of Colorado

State license (required for electrical, plumbing)

Licensed Jurisdictions (required for electrical, plumbing & HVAC)

1099 Information

All subcontractors are paid on the 1st and 15th of every month. You must have your invoices in by the 10th for the 15th payout or the 25th for the 1st payout.